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Now Accepting AeroPay


FAQs For Rewards

  • When is AeroPayDay?
        • AeroPayDay is every other Thursday of the month. AeroPay customers can view when they will receive their next reward, in their AeroPay account under the “Rewards” tab.
  • How do I access my rewards?
      • Rewards are deposited on AeroPayDay, directly into the customer's bank account. The bank statement should show the deposit amount next to “AeroPayments”.
      • Additionally, they can view them in their profile in their AeroPay account. 
    • I made a payment during a rewards week at my local dispensary but I don’t see the rewards in my account? 
      • If you made the payment on the day of AeroPayDay, you will receive your rewards the following AeroPayDay. 
      • Please ensure your payment qualified for rewards (ie online only). 
      • If you received a refund your reward for that payment will be voided.
      • If you declined a payment during the reward period, your rewards for that period will be voided. 
      • If you made qualifying payments and none of the points above apply, please contact us and we will investigate.  




    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is AeroPay?
        • AeroPay is a secure digital payments solution that allows consumers to pay participating businesses through a direct bank transfer. 
  • Is AeroPay Secure?
        • Absolutely! Security is a top priority for us at AeroPay. We do not store your bank login credentials. For more information please visit ourprivacy policy page.

  • I am receiving an error when connecting to my bank
        • Please reach out so we can work with you to get your bank connected as soon as possible so you can make your purchase.
  • I can’t find my bank on the AeroPay bank list
        • If you are unable to find your bank, please contact us and we will walk you through the steps to link your account manually.
  • How do I know a payment went through? 
        • Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email that will list your payment ID and payment amount. 
  • My bank is showing that I have sufficient funds in my account. Why am I not able to spend them?
        • Recent deposits take 1-2 business days to update. For example, if you get paid on Friday’s please make your purchase on Wednesday to ensure your account is up to date. 
  • Is there a fee to use AeroPay?
        • There is no fee to use AeroPay.
  • Is there an app?
  • No, AeroPay is web-based. There is no app download required. Simply create an account, link your bank and then pay in-store by scanning a QR code or online. 
  • Does AeroPay accept debit or credit cards?
        • No, AeroPay connects directly with your bank account. 
  • I don’t have a cell phone. Is it still possible to create an AeroPay account?
      • Unfortunately, a cell phone is a required part of the AeroPay account set up process. For your security, your bank and AeroPay require customers to provide their cell phone number to authenticate their account information.


    For any other questions, please